Don't Get Burned! Tips On Sun Protection

Sun protection clothing works the entire fishing day.

Protecting yourself from the sun  keeps you fishing longer. Luckily there are some great new products on the market that make the job much easier and more effective. So drop by the store and we'll show you our full line of skin protection products. We've got you covered!

Meanwhile here are some tips for taking care of your skin out on the water:

      • Use suncreen and use it early. The time to put on sunscreen is right before you step out the door to go fishing. Applying while using a mirror is a good way to avoid missing spots. It's important to use a waterproof sunscreen with at least a 30 SPF (sun protection factor). You really don't need more than 50 SPF, which we recommend, since the key to solid protection is reapplication. Spray applicators make application easier, just remember to apply often.
      • Wear UV-resistant clothing. Putting on sunscreen is a chore and it wears off. Yet a white cotton t-shirt provides only an equivalent of 15 SPF. Thin weave shirts afford practically no protection. Lately manufacturers have come up with clothing that both blocks harmful rays and is comfortable to wear while fishing all day. Come in and check out the latest UV-resistant clothing in our complete line of angling wear.
      • Maximum sun protection means maximum fish!Protect the dome. We're all used to shading our face with a visor or ballcap while fishing – and we have sported the red neck and ears that follow such an approach unless the sunscreen is repeatedly slathered on. Hats completely circled with broad brims work much better when it comes to the sun, but can get in the way casting. As part of the design of the modern UV-resistant clothing, there are a variety of head wraps that offer complete protection and no obstruction.
      • Cut the glare, wear a pair. Sunglasses. They're so commonly seen on anglers that bringing them up seems redundant. Yet not all sunglasses are created equal. Fishing sunglasses should be polarized and 100-percent UV resistant. The frame and lens style should be ample enough to provide full coverage of the eyes. The lens should offer both fine optics and shatter-resistant qualities. Also, you should look really cool wearing them! We have the finest brands of fishing sunglasses in stock. Drop by and find the pair that's right for you.