Crank Up More Specks

You are in for great fishing when you find speckled trout feeding on bait schools in big lakes, bays and ponds.Speckled trout fishing has it all – aggressive bites, non-stop action and the prospect of many great meals – and we have all you need to load up your cooler with a mess of trout.

Yet we've all been out on the water on those days that, although you know there are a lot of specks around, the bites are few and far between. Time of day? Tide? Or do you just need to find the right lure?

Our experience has been that nothing beats the new generation of minnow crankbaits for stirring up bites. We're talking lures like the Yo-Zuri Crystal 3D Minnow and 3DS Minnow, the Excalibur Eeratic Shad and the Rapala Max Rap, to name a few. We have a wide selection of crankbaits in the store and you can find even more in our catalog here online.

The lures mentioned fall under the category of what are known as rip baits, jerk baits and, simply, reaction baits. That's why they are so effective at attracting bites when the fish seem reluctant to cooperate. Here's how to rip your way into some great speckled trout action:

  • Make it work. Left to sit in the water, these beautiful baits do nothing except float or sink or suspend, depending on the model. They look like sticks, another name for this style of lure. It's up to you to make the bait work its magic. Rip the rod tip away from the lure to get it started, wind the reel handle to catch up to the lure and give the rod another jerk. You don't want to pull the lure out of the water, but if it skitters across the surface occasionally, that's okay. Keeping the rod tip down towards the surface keeps the lure in the water. Yo-Zuri's Crystal Minnow 3D is a deadly fishing lure for many inshore species.This aggressive approach might be the ticket, or you might need to slow down and jerk or rip fewer times. Or a straight, steady retrieve that utilizes the natural action of the lure might be what turns the fish on. Experiment and find what's right for that day.
  • Be a flashy buyer. They say lure colors are meant to catch customers more than they catch fish and that can be the case. Since we're out on the water a lot ourselves, we do our best to keep the store's shelves stocked with colors that get the fish to bite. What really matters in our waters is flash and visibility and the latest lures are packed with flash in abundance. The key is making sure you match the color and flash to the clarity of the water. Metallic gold, red and bronze finishes are always a good bet to have in your tackle box. Drop by the store and we can show you which patterns have been the trout killers.
  • Cast for distance. There is a time when short, precision casts are required. On our big coastal bays, lakes and ponds, however, the ability to make long casts will often result in more fish. Not only can you stay far enough away so as not to spook the schools of specks, a long cast gives you more time with the lure in the water and the chance to create the right action for a bite. Knowing this, manufacturers created the modern Lure fishing can be very productive when you find a school of speckled trout.generation of lures with calculated areodynamic designs and weighting systems that let you fire them like bullets. We can show you the right sizes and weight of lure to use for maximum distance and bites.
  • Get the right rig. A balanced rod and reel is the key to long casts and more action. Speckled trout certainly don't have a reputation as bruisers. They do put up a lively fight and it's even more fun on the right tackle. We'll help you find the right outfit to make your lure casting – and fish catching – that much better.
  • Go to school. Specks run in packs and when you hook one fish there is probably a school of trout nearby so make sure you thoroughly work the area. Look for the dimple of bait schools and the telltale ring of feeding trout. Other places to look include the outside of points, cuts, channels. Be sure to drop by the store on your way to go fishing for your last minute supplies and we'll give you the latest information on where the fish have been found. Then go crank 'em up!